Are you an unhappy attorney struggling to live the life you truly want?

Do you feel like you're trapped in the practice of law and have no way out?


You're not alone. Studies show 56% of lawyers are frustrated with their careers but don't know what to do.


That’s where we come in. Leave Law Behind is a coaching program for lawyers who want to leave the practice of law and pursue a different career path.


Click to play the video, or read further down below, to learn more about how we can help you.



First, let's dispel a few common myths and misconceptions that are likely holding you back from leaving the legal profession for a new career.



1. I feel that I'll never be able to make as much money as I do now as an attorney. 


The funny thing is that while lawyers can be paid well, we actually don't make that good of money. It reminds me of a story.


I had a plumber come to my home and fix my sink. The plumber charged me $95. I then did the math: If a lawyer made $200,000 a year (which is a good salary) and billed 2,000 hours, that comes to $100 per hour. The attorney is making the same, per hour, as my plumber. And no knock on plumbers, but they don't have nearly the stresses  a lawyer has, from law school debt to trial timelines to the fiduciary duty and fear of malpractice.


And there are so many other way to make money in the world besides the billable hour: salary, commission, stock options, contingent payments, licensing fees, product sales, affiliate partnerships, you name it.



2. I don't want to regret my decision. What if I don't like this new "alternative" job? 


You are not going to quit your lawyer job tomorrow and take the first job you see. You're careful, risk averse and thoughtful.


As you begin to consider to leave the law, you'll first assess what you're good at and enjoy doing. Then you'll find jobs that align with your skills and strengths. Then you'll find people you know in these jobs to learn more about them and confirm you like the role and can be good at it before you apply.


3. Even though I'm miserable practicing the law, I'm not a quitter. I don't want to throw away all of the work I put into law school and my attorney career and have to start over.


We understand that you have put a lot into becoming a lawyer. And the great thing is that they weren't lying when they said that "you can do anything with a law degree." What they forgot to tell you is how.


How you leave the law is to first realize that all that you've learned as an attorney (how to manage clients, how to put out fires, how to be the adult in the room, how to manage cases on time and on budget, how to write and speak persuasively) are all skills that are in demand in "non-law" jobs. They are not only required to be a lawyer.


And leaving the law is by no means quitting. It's actually the natural progression of your career. This is stage two of your life. That's very exciting.


4. I don't want to disappoint people around me. What will my friends and family and colleagues and my spouse think of me if I were to leave the law?


Let us ask you ... what do they think of you now? Sure, they may think of you as a prestigious lawyer. But if you've been honest in the past and opened up to any of them, they know that you're miserable as an attorney.


If they are true friends and family, all they want you to be is happy. And if they do seem to be disappointed, remember that it's not their life, it's yours. The'll get over it ... or they'll secretly envy you that you had the courage to make this leap and change your life for the better.




Leave Law Behind is a coaching program that helps unhappy lawyers find and transition to their dream jobs in different fields. 


We take unhappy lawyers like you through a 5 module program to help you figure out how to overcome the blockers you have to leaving the law, understand what you are good at and how to provide value, how to pick a fulfilling career, and then transition to that dream job.


Instead of rash decisions, we help you take take calculated, strategic steps to determine the right “alternative” career for you.


Here's how it works:


You'll get live coaching from ex-attorneys who've been through the same struggles. 


You'll join a community of like-minded lawyers taking action and keeping each other accountable. 


At the core of the Leave Law Behind program is a 5-module course that will guide you through the three big questions that shape a healthy career move out of the law:


1. How do I overcome the fears and blockers preventing me from making the move?


Here, you'll identify the actual fears, beliefs and obstacles that are getting in the way of you making this positive life change. It could be your fear that your network isn't big enough. Or your fear that you'll never make money out of the law. Or it could be your fear of disappointing your family and friends.


We'll help you isolate the fear, shine a light on it and help you take the steps to move forward in spite of it.


2. What are my strengths?


Most lawyers have never truly explored what are their true skills, strengths and interests, and do not know how their strongest traits are transferable to other fields.


We'll guide you through a structured discovery and experimentation process (what we call your "Unique Genius") in order to find your biggest advantages and how they map to new careers and roles.


3. How do I make the jump from law to a new field? 


This is the scariest part for most attorneys. We'll show you how to leverage your best qualities (and legal experience) into a specialized role where you'll feel energized to go to work every day.


And we have done most of the heavy lifting for you - we have proven, "non-law" job resumes and cover letters for you to download and begin using.




Hi, we are Casey Berman and Adam Ouellette, former-attorneys-now-career-coaches at Leave Law Behind. And we are your teachers and guides to help you leave your law practice and land your dream, "alternative" career. 


We've both been called "crazy" and "irresponsible" to leave our successful respective law practices ... but we each did so because we knew practicing the law was not a fit for us, did not make us happy and even was bad for our health. And we also realized that while you can make a good living as an attorney, you can also make a lot more money (and help many more people) doing something else.


We have taken our 20+ years of experience in helping people leave the law, and packaged it all for you in the Leave Law Behind Career Coaching Program.




You may feel like you are all alone in your unhappiness as an attorney, but you are not. We are here to guide you through the process.


The Leave Law Behind program will rid you of the constant feelings of hopelessness, overwhelm, stress and loss of potential. 

Leave Law Behind will teach you how to change your mindset, overcome your fears of a new career, and know how to reposition yourself (and your resume and cover letter) to land that new, dream job you've always wanted (but didn't know how to identify or get.)




Leave Law Behind is designed to fit neatly into your busy week as a busy lawyer (and parent and spouse and whatever other obligations you have). The modules provide the information in bite-sized chunks, that can be worked on in your spare time throughout your day. 


The program has been created to transform your life, not take it over. After all, we know you’re swamped with work as it is. The last thing you need is more of it.


Instead, think of this as a fun outlet. Something you can complete at your own pace, on your own time - in front of your computer or listening while you’re jogging or on your morning commute.  


Make no mistake. The Leave Law Behind program requires focus and dedication. But it doesn’t take a ton of time. If you commit to a few quality minutes a day or weekends or when you get home from work at night, this program will empower you to shift your way of thinking and leave the law. 



Remember those steps of the program we showed you? Here they are, broken down into a ridiculous amount of detail!

  • Work at Your Own Pace Through the Self-Guided Leave Law Behind Library of Over 30 In-Depth Coaching Videos and Tutorials
  • Module 1 (Month 2): Learn How to Overcome The Fears Once and For All That Paralyze You From Leaving the Law
  • Module 2 (Month 3): Become Comfortable With Gaining a New Professional Identity Other Than An Attorney
  • Module 3 (Month 4): Learn How to Shift Your Money Mindset to One That is Healthier and More Beneficial to You
  • Module 4 (Month 5): Understand Your Unique Genius and Which of Your Skills are Transferable to "Alternative" Careers
  • Module 5 (Month 6): Be Empowered to "Get Out There" With Scripts and Templates to Find and Create "Non-Law" Careers  
  • Get the First Look at Top "Non-Law" Jobs Through Our Curated Job Emails Delivered to Your Inbox
  • Gain Access to the Exclusive List of Over 100 Top “Non-Law, Alternative” Careers & Jobs for You to Pursue (Month 6)
  • Confidently Apply to “Non-Law,” Job Openings With Access to the Full Library of 21 In-Plain-English,-Ready-to-Use "Alternative" Job Resumes and Cover Letter (Word doc) Templates Ready For You to Purchase Ala Carte and Customize And Send Out (included at the Gold Level, available for ala carte purchase of $97 at the Silver Level)
  • Put Our Career Coaching to Work For You With Our Step-by-Step Accelerator Worksheets for Modules 1 through 5
  • Get a Better Relationship With Money With Our "Shift Your Money Mindset" Financial Planning Spreadsheets (Month 3)
  • Leave the Law Quickly With our Accelerated "Leave the Law in 100 Days" Curriculum
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • No Long Term Commitment: Access the Program Month to Month For As Long As You'd Like (the Silver Level is billed monthly, Gold Level provides lifetime access)
  • Connect, Share Ideas, Collaborate, Network With and Get Advice Daily From Casey, Leave Law Behind Members and Graduates in the Exclusive Leave Law Behind Members Forum (Our Slack Channel Chat Area)
  • Bonus Modules 6 to 8: Tips and Strategies to Learn How to Live Your "Ideal Life" (Months 7 thru 9)
  • Bonus Module 9: Open Your Eyes to How to Get More Done in Less Time (Month 10)
  • Bonus Module 10: Putting it All Together - How to Get Into "The Flow" (Month 11)
  • Bonus Training Series #1: Access to The "Intention Setting" Program, a 9 Part Video Series Designed to Help You Live the Life You've Always Envisioned (Month 1)
  • Access to Monthly Group Video Coaching & Office Hours Sessions Directly and Personally with Casey (start immediately in Month 1), including:
  • Monthly "Ask Casey Anything" Group Coaching Sessions
  • "How to Overcome Fear of Leaving the Law" Training 
  • "Unique Genius Spotlight" Sessions With Real Leave Law Behind Members
  • "How to Get Unstuck" Group Coaching Sessions
  • Live Tips, Strategies and Guidance from Real Leave Law Behind Graduates 
  • Coaching to Overcome the Fear That You Are "Too Old" or "Too Young" to Leave the Law 
  • Coaching on How to "Not Be Attached to Specific Outcomes"
  • "What Jobs Exist Beyond Transactional and Litigation" Training
  • How to Transmute And Reverse Fear into a Positive Driver in Your Life
  • ... and much more!


Gabe Rothman

Former construction litigator now Senior Director of Revenue Operations at Rescale, a cloud simulation technology platform company

"Casey is an amazing human being. Without him I would not have found the boldness and persistence to do the all of the things ultimately required for me to transition out of my litigation career. I’ve truly found my unique genius and I owe a huge amount of my new-found success and happiness to him."

Fil Asgedom

Former immigration attorney we helped leave the practice of law to become the founder of the investment bank Sax Capital Partners

"It is not hyperbole to say that working with Leave Law Behind has changed my life! From the help in overcoming my fears of leaving the law to the insightful and honest video tutorials, my experience with Casey and his team has been nothing short of outstanding."


Tyler Hinz

Former estate planning  attorney we helped leave the law to go into fundraising as the Senior Director of Gift Planning, Santa Clara University

"The program served as a step by step guide to move me from one stepping stone to the next at a time. The program anticipates the challenges you face when you are trying to leave the law, and it helps you prepare for them in advance."




Leave Law Behind is the only online career coaching system for attorneys in the world that teaches you how to understand what you are really good at, so you can use these “transferable skills" of yours to leave your law practice and create your new “non-law” career. This is a one-of-a-kind training system for unhappy attorneys. 


This course clearly spells out and guides you through the exact five steps that have helped me and fifty other attorneys to finally leave the practice of the law, and what over 170 attorneys who are currently enrolled in the program are now using to find a new, "non-law" career.


After you sign up, you’ll get instant access to the Leave Law Behind program content. We specifically designed this as a modular, step-by-step course, where we give you bite-sized chunks of attorney specific career coaching information to review and digest ... along with follow up tasks so that taking action to change your life for the better is not only easy, but becomes an inspiring habit.


Leave Law Behind's video coaching lessons, worksheets and exercises guide you to overcome your fears of leaving the law, understand how you can find the salaries and compensation that fits your lifestyle needs, learn what you are actually good at to inform your career search, and align these transferable skills with a “non-law”, alternative career. 


By the end of month six of the program, you’ll have a fully functioning plan to leave the law and land that new "alternative" career. I’ve packaged in the program all of my best kept self development and career search tactics and strategies that I’ve picked up since I left the law in 2004. That’s 15 years worth of experience, tips and techniques attorneys are using right now to go from unhappy practicing attorney to happy former lawyer. 


So if you're interested in leaving your law practice for the type of job you likely dreamed of before you took the LSAT, click the button above and enroll right now. We'll see you in there!


If you have any questions about the Leave Law Behind Career Coaching program, please email founder Casey Berman directly at


The Silver and Gold membership plans both come with a full 30-day money back guarantee.



10 day trial

  • 10 day trial

  • Experience the program

  • Access to 3 coaching replays

  • Upgrade to Silver

  • Cancel anytime

  • Cancel anytime

  • Cancel anytime

The Leave Law Behind Trial allows you to check out the Program for ten days for only $10.


You get access to life changing Live Coaching session replays that we do each month in the course.


You’ll get coached by me, my business partner (and fellow former attorney) Adam Ouellette, and also other experts on how to overcome your doubts of leaving the law and how to land that "non-law", dream alternative job and career.


This is an insightful, cost conscious way to take a first step on your way out of the law.




per month

  • New module each month

  • Billed monthly

  • Cancel anytime

  • Private Members Forum

  • Monthly Live Coachings

  • 30 day money back guarantee

  • Resumes can be purchased

Leave Law Behind Silver is $97 a month. There is a 30 day money back guarantee, and you can cancel anytime - no commitment.


As the Program is provided to you incrementally, a module per month, to let you move forward at your own pace, Silver is best for the cost conscious person who wants to take his or her time with the process.


You gain full access to the Monthly Live Trainings and the 24/7/365 Members Community Forum (our Slack channel), and the "Plain English" non-law job resumes and cover letters are extra ($97 per resume).



  • Access to all modules

  • One time fee

  • Lifetime access

  • Private Members Forum

  • Monthly Live Coachings

  • 30 day money back guarantee

  • Resumes included

Leave Law Behind Gold is a one time fee of $1497 (no other fees at all). There is the 30 day money back guarantee, and you get Lifetime access to the Program and Community.


This is best for the person who wants all of the LLB program information and resources at once to accelerate his or her way out of the law.


You gain full access to all 12 modules at once. Monthly Live Trainings and the 24/7/365 Members Community Forum (our Slack channel). And the "Plain English" non-law job resumes and cover letters are included, no extra charge.

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