The Leave Law Behind Resource Library

Are You an Unhappy Attorney Struggling to Live the Life You Truly Want? 


You're not alone. Studies show that 56% of lawyers are frustrated with their careers.


That's why we designed this Leave Law Behind Resource Library just for you.  


We've created video trainings, articles, case studies and courses that will show you (1) if leaving the law is right for you, and if so, (2) how to leave the law and land your dream career. Let's dive in!


To begin, please take a moment to watch the short introductory video we put together for you (above). Leave Law Behind coach (and former attorney who practiced for over 20 years) Adam Ouellette will provide you with a quick run down of how to best utilize this Leave Law Behind Resource Library so you can build your confidence and momentum out of the law.




Coaching Session:

How to Determine if Leaving the Law is Right for You and What Best Next Steps You Can Take to Land Your Dream Career Out of the Law

We have dedicated ourselves to helping you leave the law. This page full of coaching and information is designed to inspire you, help you overcome your doubts and begin mapping your next steps out of the law.


In this training session, Leave Law Behind head trainer Adam Ouellette will help you uncover the main reason you do not like being an attorney and also lay out the steps for you to free yourself of the prison cell we call the legal industry to find your dream career out of the law. Click below to get started.

As an unhappy attorney, miserable in your job, and feeling like you've lost all hope, it can seem like you've missed the boat on making a career switch to your dream job.


Can I really be happy in a career out of the law, or is that a pipe dream? All I feel I can do is be an lawyer - who would ever hire me? How can I make money if I'm not an attorney? How will I ever find where to start?

These are common worries. 


But let me tell you: you didn't miss the boat. Your skills and strengths are transferrable to a new, non-law job. There is a dream alternative career out there with your name on it. And it need not take that long to get there. We've helped attorneys land new jobs within 6 months.


My name is Casey Berman, and with my business partner (and fellow former attorney) Adam Ouellette, we've created Leave Law Behind, the leading career coaching community helping attorneys to leave the law. We've helped over 100 attorneys to find their dream non-law career and our advice and guidance has been featured in numerous publications, including: 


But it wasn't always like this. We both used to be attorneys just like you who hated our lawyer jobs. We felt miserable during our work day. We dreaded Mondays. Our health suffered.


Working as a lawyer felt like being locked in a prison cell with no key. We both felt that all hope was lost. We both felt that we would be relegated to doing this miserable work for another 20 or 30 years. 


I'm sure you have felt this way before. It's a horrible feeling. Just horrible. 


But you don't need to keep feeling that way. We didn't want to either. So we each spent over seven years figuring out how to leave the legal industry and create a new career that we are good at, that our skills fit with and that provides each of us with a good living, happiness and career satisfaction. We want the same for you and have taken all we have learned and packaged it for you in this Resource Library. 


I want you to know that all is not lost. Actually, your best years are ahead of you. Think of it as your Career v2.0! We are here to help you figure out how you can find your non law dream career. We are going to give you the key to unlock your prison cell. Then we’re going to hand you your very own GPS to find your dream non-law career.


What would it feel like to give notice to your law firm and have a new non-law, dream career lined up? Imagine that for a moment. Feels great, doesn't it?! This can be a reality for you. It really can. I know you may think leaving the law is possible for everyone else but you. That isn't true. Find your dream career is possible for you. It truly is. 


Once you leave the law, you'll say to yourself “I can’t believe I waited so long and dealt for so many years with a profession that just made me miserable.”


I know you’re afraid of change, and may think that change is bad. But at Leave Law Behind, change is good – it’s like losing weight or giving up smoking. You can change your life right now and have happiness. You’ve been unhappy for way too long. In fact, you deserve happiness. We will help you conquer your fears in making this change. We will get you started on your path out of the law. We will help you figure out what you want to do in your life. It’s time to put your professional talents and skills and strengths to good use. We want you to be appreciated and taken care of. You’ve suffered long enough.

We know you're a busy lawyer. You don't have that much free time - you're working 50 to 60 hours a week. That's why we put all of these leave the law resources in one place in this library to help you. We take you through the exact steps to leave in the above coaching video, or feel free to scroll down further below for coaching videos, articles, case studies and our course to help you leave the law. Let's get you started!

We Know You Have Concerns About Leaving the Law. Let Us Help You Overcome Them One by One.

You want to explore leaving the law ... but your internal monologue keeps getting in the way. 


It fears you'll disappoint your parents. Or burn bridges. Or run out of money. Or quit too soon. And there are likely many more.


We've created a mini class consisting of 12 videos to help you overcome these challenges. Click on the playlist below to watch the video sequence, or choose from the below video library to learn how to overcome the individual blocker which you suffer from the most.

These videos were only available to our booked consultations

(worth $295) and are now open to you for free!


click below to watch the playlist of videos in sequence


Click below to watch any of the individual videos at your convenience:

Get Started With This Video

Get to know more about the challenges facing any lawyer who wants to explore leaving the law in this Free 12 Part Mini Class! We provide this 

I Can Only Be a Lawyer

Most attorneys who want to leave the law feel their skills only enable them to be attorneys, and nothing else. Watch this video to learn how your skills are highly sought after and in demand in "alternative" careers.

I Can't Make Any Money

You likely feel that you can't make any real money in a job outside of the law. That the only way to make money is to be an attorney. Watch this video to learn the multiple ways you can make as much, or even more, out of the law.

ROI On My Legal Career

You do not need to get more of a "return" on the investment you put into law school and being a lawyer. Watch this video to learn how you can now invest in the rest of your life and your professional career. 

I Fear the Unknown

One of the main, underlying blockers you have in leaving the law is the fear of the unknown. Watch this video to remember how you've faced so much change already and how can actually embrace change to leave the law.


Isn't Coaching Expensive?

Many attorneys feel career coaching is expensive. So they avoid enlisting any positive career help. Watch this video to learn how the Leave Law Behind course will change your life for the better, at a fraction of the cost.

I'll Disappoint Others

One major blocker you may have to leaving the law is your concern about what others in your life will think. Watch this video to free yourself of this weight and to begin to live the life the life you were meant for.   

A Non-Law Job? Really?


Attorneys who leave the law have one major Boogeyman through the process: The hiring manager for an "alternative" job! :) Watch this video to help you reduce your fears of this job interview, and understand how your skills transferrable to "non-law" jobs.

I Don't Have the Courage

You may feel not brave enough to leave the law. Watch this video to understand what is your path out of the law, how to gain clarity of your next steps, and how this all builds the necessary courage. 


Will I Lose My Identity?

You may hesitate to leave the law because you feel you don't want to lose your identity as an attorney. Watch this video to learn how you can leave the law, while retaining all of the "stature" of being an attorney. 

I'm Too Old/Too Young

Some attorneys feel they are too old, or too young, to leave the law. Watch this video to learn how why you are right where you need to be, and how your age or youth can be used to your advantage as you leave the law.

Will I Burn Bridges?

You may worry that if you leave the law, you'll burn bridges with your firm. Watch this video to learn how the opposite is often true: You can become the envy of your lawyer friends, and a nice client source. 


I Feel That I'm Too Busy

You may feel that you don't have the time to dedicate to finding a career out of the law. Watch this video to learn how you can change your life's trajectory in just a few months, in small, bite-sized steps. 

The Myths and Misperceptions

You Likely Have About Leaving the Law

As we discussed in depth in the above videos, having helped lots of attorneys to leave the practice of law for their dream jobs in the last few years, we are very familiar with the myths and misperceptions that block attorneys like you from moving into a "non-law" career that you love and are good at.

But These are Just Myths ...

There Actually is Nothing to Fear

It turns out, most unhappy lawyers are looking at their situation all wrong. 


The only thing standing between you and your dream job out of the law is this set of myths, doubts, worries, and fears that are normal ... but crippling. And the good news is, totally avoidable.


Now, yes, for many people, switching jobs is tough, if not impossible if you do not have someone to guide you through the process.


While many professionals, and especially attorneys like you, may feel bored or frustrated or anxious with their current job, research shows they don't even know where to begin to find a career they love.

They may feel that their skills and strengths, what they know to do, won't be needed in their new job. In the seminal Harris Poll on career change, 40% of aspiring career shifters hesitated to make a change because they felt they did not know what career they would want to change to.


Or you may feel you'll have to start from scratch and take a pay cut in an entry level position. Or have to go back to school to get a new degree or certification. In that same Harris poll, 37% of aspiring career shifters hesitated to make a change due to perceived insufficient qualifications to change.


And you may struggle with the guilt that the work you've poured into your law degree and attorney career has all been for naught. Although the majority of workers polled by Harris said they had career plans when they were younger, 73% felt that they had not landed in the job they had expected.


For many people switching careers, this can be very, very hard.


But as an attorney looking to leave the law, this doesn't need to be difficult for you.


As a lawyer looking to leave the law, you're actually primed to move beyond these myths and worries and make an upwards move into other fields.


Let me tell you the three reasons why:


Reason #1: Your Skills Are In Demand Right Now


… among many other things. 


All of this is needed in the universe of "non-law" jobs. 


Jobs like Chief Operating Officer, and Account Manager, and Chief of Staff and Business Development, and Marketing and Sales Optimization, and Organizational Effectiveness and Chief Culture Officer are all roles that your skills can be a fit with.



Of course there may be more requirements, and they can vary from job to job … but when you match your skill set to this role, as an example, one message becomes resoundingly clear:


You can do this job! Your skills match this job.



Reason #2: What You Don't Know ... You Can Learn Very Quickly


Now, let's be real. If you were to leave your law practice for a new "non-law" job, you would not know everything for that job from Day 1. 


And that's fine, because as a lawyer, you can learn things very quickly.


This reminds me of a story of one of our grads who used Leave Law Behind to find his dream job, Gabe Rothman.

Gabe was in construction litigation in San Francisco and was not enjoying being a lawyer (read: he hated it!)


Through the Leave Law Behind course, he began to understand what he was really good at (what we call your "Unique Genius"): Gabe loved processes.


He loved sketching out the steps to achieve a result, mapping out all of the contingencies, getting clear on all of the "if X, then Y" steps.


With this in mind, he began to apply to software consulting roles, where this skill could be put to use. He interviewed with a company called BlueWolf that helped other organizations to launch their implementation.


The BlueWolf hiring manager loved Gabe's personality, and really saw that his "lawyer" skills, as we discussed above, were transferable to this new consulting role. 


But his one objection was that Gabe knew nearly nothing about software, and in particular technology.


Gabe responded that this was true (he did not have any recent integration experience), but that he passed the California state bar exam with only two months of preparation, the most difficult bar exam in the country with a fail rate of over 60%. "I can learn within 30 days, and be close to an expert in it in 3 months," he assured them.


Gabe was hired.


As a lawyer, you are constantly ramping up and becoming an expert on a new case or deal or transaction. You can learn any new industry and subject matter quickly.



Reason #3: Leaving the Law Has Been Done Before ... And We Have the Roadmap For You to Follow


There are many famous people who have left the law for successful "alternative" careers:



26 Attorneys Just Like You

Who Have Left the Law

At Leave Law Behind, we've helped over 100 attorneys just like you to leave the law behind for alternative careers they are good at and enjoy. Check out the roles and new careers 21 of them took on:



A 44-year-old mother of two left the federal prosecutor's office to become the Director of Operations and Vendor Management at a San Francisco public eCommerce technology company.


A BigLaw attorney left his litigation job after 12 years to become the editor and team leader of a leading intellectual property magazine in New York City.


A Boston-based Big Law litigator moved into a vice president of operations role for a Legal Tech startup.


A solo attorney left the law to become an executive recruiter in Los Angeles.


A business attorney moved into a project manager role at a San Francisco SaaS marketing start-up.


A mid-sized firm litigator moved into her dream career in library science.


A 55-year-old former family law attorney moved to Seattle from New York for a MarTech strategy and account manager role.


A criminal defense attorney became the editor of a major online publication based in Berkeley, California at 40 years old.


An Indiana-based criminal and family law attorney in Indiana left his practice of 30 years and became the head of operations and project manager at a medical services company at 57 years of age.


A BigLaw attorney left the firm grind behind to found his own cultural, legal and data-driven creative strategy practice for Hi-Tech companies.


A Philadelphia criminal defense attorney transitioned into a customer success career.


A 40-year-old trial attorney left the law to become a strategy consultant with a major professional services firm.


A death penalty appellate attorney of over 30 years left her practice to lead a governor-appointed commission to repair Idaho's social services infrastructure.


A data privacy attorney left to become an associate consultant for a major advisory firm specializing in pharma and biotech. 


A 42-year-old North Carolina attorney left corporate law and moved into asset management for a major US bank.


A Big Law corporate transactional attorney left the firm to follow his passion as an executive director of a Washington DC non-profit.


A Maryland city attorney became an investigator for the federal government.


A cyber-security lawyer left her job to start her own data privacy consulting business


A Utah-based natural resource attorney left his comprehensive acquisition, drilling, and division order title opinion practice to leverage his property title background and become the title and escrow manager of a tech-enabled title agency and closing firm.


A successful Los Angeles-based litigation attorney, first as a partner at a large national firm, then as senior counsel at one of California's preeminent healthcare finance litigation firms, left the law to found his own copywriting and content marketing agency serving B2B tech and SaaS clients in the fintech, healthtech and legal tech industries.


A BigLaw Antitrust & Competition litigator left his American Lawyer ​Top 15 firm to become the Compliance Senior Officer, Anticompetitive Behavior at a major global bank.


A Philadelphia-based zoning and land use attorney left the law to become a trust officer at a rising financial services firm.


A BigLaw attorney left his 30-year corporate practice to found his own business consulting firm that includes virtual GC opportunities with promising startups and matchmaking for M&A and financial transactions.


A Washington DC transactional attorney became the Senior Manager of Program Development for a highly respected, nationwide professional association, where he is responsible for developing world-class substantive in-person and online programming to educate, develop and connect their members at the various stages of their career cycle. 


A ten-year San Diego-based non-profit attorney who provides legal services for seniors moved from her frontline attorney role to become the organization's Director of Fund and Program Development. "I absolutely love my new position and look forward to work each day."


A Miami-based family law attorney left her practice to become an Account Manager for a rising LegalTech company.


A San Francisco-based, 6-year employment law attorney left her firm to become Head of People Operations for a very well funded climate tech startup. 


... and many more. And be sure to scroll down a bit more - three Leave Law Behind course graduates who left the law shot short videos below telling you more about their experience.


You have the skills, the intelligence and the precedent to leave the law for a "non-law" career. All you need is some guidance and the steps to take to get there. That's where Leave Law Behind comes in.



The Steps You Can Take Right

Now to Land Your Dream Career:

How the Leave Law Behind

Process Can Work For You



Leave Law Behind is a coaching course that helps unhappy lawyers find and transition to their dream jobs in different fields. 


We take unhappy lawyers like you through a 10 module course to help you figure out how to overcome the blockers you have to leaving the law, understand what you are good at and how to provide value, how to pick a fulfilling career, and then transition to that dream job.


Instead of rash decisions, we help you take take calculated, strategic steps to determine the right “alternative” career for you.


At the core of the Leave Law Behind Course is a 5 module course that will guide you through the three big questions that shape a healthy career move out of the law:


1. How do I overcome the fears and blockers preventing me from making the move?

Here, you'll identify the actual fears, beliefs and obstacles that are getting in the way of you making this positive life change. It could be your fear that your network isn't big enough. Or your fear that you'll never make money out of the law. Or it could be your fear of disappointing your family and friends.


We'll help you isolate the fear, shine a light on it and help you take the steps to move forward in spite of it. We will coaching you through twenty five of the fears we all have in leaving.  There is nothing to fear, we have the answers to all your questions and more!


2. What are my strengths?


Most lawyers have never fully explored what are their true skills, strengths and interests are, and do not know how their strongest traits are transferable to other fields and industries.


We'll guide you through a structured discovery and experimentation process (what we call your "Unique Genius") in order to find your biggest advantages and how they map to new careers and roles.


3. How do I make the jump from law to a new field? 


This is the scariest part for most attorneys. We'll show you how to leverage your best qualities (and legal experience) into a specialized role where you'll feel energized to go to work every day.


And we have done most of the heavy lifting for you - we have proven, in plain-English, "non-law" job resumes and cover letters for you to download and begin using.



Meet the Leave Law Behind Team

Hi, we are Casey Berman and Adam Ouellette, former-attorneys-now-career-coaches at Leave Law Behind. And we are your teachers and guides to help you leave your law practice and land your dream, "alternative" career. 


We've both been called "crazy" and "irresponsible" to leave our successful respective law practices ... but we each did so because we knew practicing the law was not a fit for us, did not make us happy and even was bad for our health. And we also realized that while you can make a good living as an attorney, you can also make a lot more money (and help many more people) doing something else.


We have taken our 20+ years of experience in helping people leave the law, and packaged it all for you in the Leave Law Behind Career Coaching Course & Community.


To let you get to know us better, we shot the below short introductory videos. Click on them to get to know us, and why we created Leave Law Behind.


Take a Tour of the

Leave Law Behind Course

If you’re in the market for a brand new car, then you would expect to be able to take it for a test drive, right? 


So in the short video below, we provide a complete walk through of all of the the essential features of the Leave Law Behind Course and highlight the main factors that have made this online course and community the standard for lawyers looking to make a career transition out of the law. 


Leave Law Behind Success Stories


"The Leave Law Behind Course gave me the tools necessary to get out of the law, and in a way in which I could leverage my past to attain my new career. By following the Modules step by step, I was able to quickly learn and build on Casey’s leave the law concepts with minimal questions or frustration."

Tyler Hinz

Estate Planning Attorney Turned Senior Director of Academic Planned Giving

"It is not hyperbole to say that working with Leave Law Behind has changed my life! From the help in overcoming my fears of leaving the law to the insightful and honest video tutorials to the way the material was all presented in such an easy to understand way, my experience with Casey and his team has been nothing short of outstanding ... it's literally been life changing!"​

Mike Chestnut

Criminal Law Attorney Turned Medical Services In-House General Counsel and C-Suite Confidant

Gabe Rothman

Construction Litigator Turned Director of Marketing Optimization

"I was anxious about leaving the security of the law behind, but now I earn even more money than I did as a lawyer. My "lawyer" skills have been a perfect fit for these "non-law' jobs - I've been promoted three times and my career growth upside seems limitless. On top of that, I am a much happier, calmer and motivated person. I even look forward to work on Mondays!"

Fil Asgedom

Immigration Attorney Turned Investment Banker and Private Equity Advisory

"It is not hyperbole to say that working with Leave Law Behind has changed my life! From the help in overcoming my fears of leaving the law to the insightful and honest video tutorials to the way the material was all presented in such an easy to understand way, my experience with Casey and his team has been nothing short of outstanding ... it's literally been life changing!"


Hear in their own words: In the below videos, Gabe Rothman, Nik Agharkar and Tyler Hinz all describe their path out of the the law, and how the Leave Law Behind coaching course helped them. 


The Goal of the Leave Law Behind Course & Community is to Help and Motivate You to Transform Your Life

You may feel like you are all alone in your unhappiness as an attorney, but you are not. We are here to guide you through the process.


The Leave Law Behind Course will rid you of the constant feelings of hopelessness, overwhelm, stress and loss of potential. 

Leave Law Behind will teach you how to change your mindset, overcome your fears of a new career, and know how to reposition yourself (and your resume and cover letter) to land that new, dream job you've always wanted (but didn't know how to identify or get).



Not Enough Time? Not a Problem.


Leave Law Behind is designed to fit neatly into your busy week as a busy lawyer (and parent and spouse and whatever other obligations you have). The modules provide the information in bite-sized chunks, that can be worked on in your spare time throughout your day. 


The Course has been created to transform your life, not take it over. After all, we know you’re swamped with work as it is. The last thing you need is more of it.

Instead, think of this as a fun outlet. Something you can complete at your own pace, on your own time - in front of your computer or listening while you’re jogging or on your morning commute.  


Make no mistake. The Leave Law Behind Course requires focus and dedication. But it doesn’t take a ton of time. If you commit to a few quality minutes a day or weekends or when you get home from work at night, this Course will empower you to shift your way of thinking and leave the law.

What if You Could Leave Your Law Practice and Find Your Dream Career with the Help of a Proven System?

Leave Law Behind is the only online career coaching system for attorneys in the world that teaches you how to understand what you are really good at, so you can use these “transferable skills" of yours to leave your law practice and create your new “non-law” career. This is a one-of-a-kind training system for unhappy attorneys. 


This course clearly spells out and guides you through the exact five steps that have helped me and fifty other attorneys to finally leave the practice of the law, and what over 180 attorneys who are currently enrolled in the Course are now using to find a new, "non-law" career.


After you sign up, you’ll get instant access to the Leave Law Behind Course content. We specifically designed this as a modular, step-by-step course, where we give you bite-sized chunks of attorney specific career coaching information to review and digest ... along with follow up tasks so that taking action to change your life for the better is not only easy, but becomes an inspiring habit.


Leave Law Behind's video coaching lessons, worksheets and exercises guide you to overcome your fears of leaving the law, understand how you can find the salaries and compensation that fits your lifestyle needs, learn what you are actually good at to inform your career search, and align these transferable skills with a “non-law”, alternative career. 


By the end of Module 5 of the Course, you’ll have a fully functioning plan to leave the law and land that new "alternative" career. We’ve packaged in the Course all of our best kept self development and career search tactics and strategies that we've picked up since Casey left the law in 2004. That’s 15 years worth of experience, tips and techniques attorneys are using right now to go from unhappy practicing attorney to happy former lawyer. 


So if you're interested in leaving your law practice for the type of job you likely dreamed of before you took the LSAT, click the button below and enroll right now. We'll see you in there!


If you have any questions about the Leave Law Behind Career Coaching Course, click on the helpdesk icon on this page or email our team directly at

Frequently Asked Questions


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What if I have no experience with non-law careers, or self-development or career transition?

What if I’m scared this whole leave the law thing won’t work out? 

What happens after I sign up?

I don't want my boss or anyone to know I'm looking for a new job out of the law. Is this Course confidential?

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What if a case or deal or other work takes up all my time and I have to take a break from studying?

Do I get lifetime access to the the Leave Law Behind course?    ​

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