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Get to know more about the challenges facing any lawyer who wants to explore leaving the law in this Free Mini Class!



When Thinking About Leaving the Law and How to Overcome Them!

Intro Video:




Being a Lawyer Is All I Am Qualified to Do or Be


I Won't Make Enough Money Out of the Law




I Need to Get the ROI on My Law Degree/ Career 




I Will Disappoint Others If I Leave ("What will they say?!")




I Am Too Young or

I Am Too Old to Leave




I NEED to Know How This Will Happen (Needing Certainty About the Process)




Will a Hiring Manager Really Hire Me?  I'm Just a Lawyer. 




I Don't Want to Burn Any Bridges (Maybe I'll want to go back?!)




Don't I Need a Coach to Work With Me 1-on-1 ... for $10 to 15K?




I am Not Sure I Have the Courage to Do This "Leave the Law" Thing!




I Am Too Busy Right Now to Do All of This (It Will Take Too Long)




I Can't Live Without the ESQ. at the End of My Name

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